Back office Maintenace & Integration


Integrating multiple systems is one of our strong suits. Connecting existing systems can result in many advantages. your business’ processes are streamlined better, which makes work more efficient. You will have more time left because, for example, orders are processed faster.

Which systems can we connect to your website or web shop? How can we improve communication between systems? Think of automatic inventory maintenance, processing questions from your website and connecting a order environment to the accounts receivable administration.

Connect a supply system to a webshop

By making a connection between your webshop and inventory management, the entire inventory is automaticly updated in your webshop. f you do not have a physical store, inventory decreases with each new sale. Your online customers will only be able to buy products that are in stock, preventing double inventory and ensuring you do not have to disappoint your customers. Your online systems also allow you to easily print address labels and process returns. Depending on the size of your business, we work with different systems like WooCommerce and Magento.

IT maintenance

If your IT environment is becoming more complex, making it harder to solve problems fast and effectively, outsourcing IT might be the solution for you. Your problems are directly solved and you will have one person for your IT questions. This gives you more time to take care of your core business and gives you more insights into IT opportunities. Together we will look which improvements are neccesary and what goal we are working to. Company sensitive information will be protected by deciding on authorisationlevels per employee. We also do server management and Application management.

Do you want clear insights, automatic synchronisations and streamlined processes? RTM Business is the partner for you!