Website development

Website building

Thinking of a website for your business or improving your website? We like a personal approach and have more than 7 years of experience in web building. We always build a website in tight cooperation with our customer. Making appointments about the end-product is crucial, making the meetings in the building stage very important to see if the site is still conforming to your wishes.

We stribe for a design that bests fits your business. Aside from design, the content of your site might even be more important. Therefore, we take this into consideration when building your site.

Having your website build at RTM Business means that experienced specialist build your site. On of our other services: Back office maintenance & integration, gives us the technical capacity to realise all functionalities of your website. This way, we can easily integrate the systems of your business.

Technical optimisation for Google

If you want to have a website made, you want this website to be found. Our Online Marketing Specialists will take your website to the next level. While designing your website they will use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make sure your website is easily found. Through technical SEO we ensure that your website’s content is indexed correctly by Google. This also makes us take into account a responsive design, quick loading times and a SSL certificate.

Website maintenance

A succesful website needs website maintenance to ensure that the site stay stabile, quick and safe. The never-ending process of editing (depending on your goals), updating of the site, as well as keeping it safe and quick is part of RTM Business’ daily work.

Whether they are changes that originate from website optimisation, adding new products to your assortment or extra functionalities like customer login. RTM Business can take care of this for you.

Scalability is important as well, to make sure that your marketing activities reach a large amount of visitors and give them a positive experience when visiting your site. It is all about the experience. Website maintenance is more important than ever, the investment is worth it and can be an important aspect of your online success.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further explantion regarding website development.