Strategy development

Deciding on your online strategy should be an integral part of your business strategy. In our experience we found that many entrepreneurs want to do more online, but are unsure where to begin. RTM Business will help you get a clear view on which steps to take to make a online strategy that contributes to your business goals. Determining a strategy is step 1. What and who dou you want to target and what actions do you want them to do? Do you know how much your current website yields? Are there enough visitors and are these visitors becoming clients? Recent studies show that increasing the conversion rate with an online strategy results in a considerable increase in sales.

Target groups

How do your (potential) customers experience your site? Let’s have a look at your customer base and see which target groups we can divide them in. Together we can decide how we can serve each target group and which type op website corresponds with that group. We make measurable goals and expectations which we will closely monitor with statistics. We constantly adjust and improve this data to give your customers the best experience.

Think very well about your company goals. Put your customers central. What do they want to see or read on your website. We help you take the right steps and give you short and long term advice that fits your strategy.