Website analysis & Optimisation

Who is your target group?

Where do visitors click on?


Where do visitors lose interest?

How do we analyse your website?

Website analysis is a service where we look at the important aspects of your website or the current plans of a new website. We do this to prevent misunderstandings and to make sure everyone is aware of what they can expect. In order to set goals it is good know what the current situation is. We want to clarify what the yield is of your current website. By looking at your site’s statistics there are some important aspect we can have a look at:

– How many visitors does the website generate?

– How do visitors move on the website?

Furthermore, we also check if your website is easy to be found on the internet. This includes looking at:

– A clear and user-friendly navigation

– Information in the right places

– Does your website have enough Call-To-Actions?

In short: you will receive a clear and precise list with the sites strong points and possible improvements.



“Website analysis; The first step to online sucess.”

With a website analysis we will look at the current situation of your website together.


Website optimisation, what is that?

Websiteoptimisation are all processes from your website that contribute to the business’ results. Following the steps in optimisation makes your organisation easier to find and results in a higher Click-through-Rate.You have to be clear how the visitors can do certain actions. Optimisation of a website start with a content strategy for your target group.

Defining your target group start with the following questions: Who are your potential customers? Where are they looking for in Google? Which search queries are worth it to use them in your website? These questions result in a plan with keywords to optimise your content. This all, to make sure your customers can easily find you in Google.

Different types of website optimisation

Website optimisation based on statistics

Website optimisation can start with analysing your site’s statistics. If you use programs like Google Analytics we can look what is happening on your site in real-time. How do visitors enter your site and what do they find interesting? What pages are people leaving from? During the optimisation process this gives us interesting data. Based on your website’s statistics we will look structurally at improvements. By measuring your goals, we can see the improvements of the site, while you see yourselve achieving your goals.

Website optimisation by text

After deciding the best content strategy, the optimisation continues with writing texts. Webtexts do not only need to be interesting, but also informative. Write texts in a manner that answers questions of the reader. Texts with content and specific industry-knowledge are increasingly becoming more important to interest the reader. Aside from these points, an interested reader spends more time on your webpage, which contributes to a higher Google ranking.

Website optimisation by RTM Business

The entire process of optimisation and analysis is intensive, however the results speak for itself. After all the previously mentioned steps, which we will gladly take with you, your result will become visible and your goals will be realised. More sales, customers, information and communication through website optimisation and analysis.

We have a lot of experience with these processes and offer our knowledge to help you with your online efforts. Our first meeting is non-commital and will lay a base of trust for our cooperation.