How to use local SEO

22 June 2020

Get found better in the local search results

Are you a local company-owner and want to be found better by your target audience? a local SEO-strategy can be the solution for your business. By optimising specific parts of your website, you can make sure your business is found better in the local search results. In this blog we give you tips on how to optimize your local SEO-strategy.

Why local?

If you need a local business that can paint your house for you, sell a book friends have recommended to you or need a hairdresser, you probably look for them in Google.

Your customers are no different. According to Google, 30% of all search queries are locally targeted. This is likely a result of the ongoing digitization, more people have access to the internet wherever they are. Whether you are in public transport or at home behind your computer, people directly want to know where they can buy if the need to buy arises. Since the willingness to purchase is very high for this target group, local business can greatly benefit by optimising their site for the local search results.

Local search queries

It can happen that your business is not shown for relevant search results in your area. There are two parts you can optimise to stimulate your business for local search:

  1. On-page
  2. Local profiles
1) Make sure name and address details are correct

Local search results are based in relevance, distance and name of your business. You need to make it easy for search engines and website visitors to find you. By filling in your name and address details (business name, address and phone number) on your website, a search engine can better understand your business and link relevant search queries to your business.

These name and address details need to be understandable for both humans and machines. It is recommended to label the name and address details with the html mark up standard of An example of such a  code can look like this:

2) Make location pages

If your business has more than one physical location works best to make multiple location pages. On this page, you can place the name and address details, opening times, short description, promotions and other relevant information. Aside from this information it is useful to add a Google map to the page. This increases the chances your business will be found.

Make sure your content is unique, also with location pages. Double content has an adverse effect on your local find-ability.

3) Write relevant content

To be found easily locally, it is important to regularly post content that is relevant for your target audience. Announce when there are special deals during the holidays or when there are different opening times. This information is relevant for your target audience and will help you in the local search results.

Before you start writing content it is advised to do research to which keywords generate the most traffic.

4) Local backlinks

Local backlinks can also contribute to the findability of your business. Local backlinks show Google that your business is relevant and has a certain brand awareness. Backlinks are mentions of one website to another website. If you want to use this locally, you can set up an ABC-strategy with other local business or make sure your business is mentioned in directories.

Local profiles

 Now that the content on your site is optimised, an official business profile can be made in Google. If your target audience on Google searches for your business or comparable business, your business will be shown with the respective information. Make sure you have one business page with all the necessary information. If by accident, multiple business pages are made it is best you remove those extra pages.

If you have a business page it is important to expand and maintain this page. For the SEO of your website, relevant content needs to be offered. Fill in your business profile as much as possible. Add to this information with images, logos, descriptions etc. This will put your page over the pages of your competitors that have barely added to their information. Besides that it also gives your potential customers a better view of your business, products and/or services.

 Reviews of your business also contribute to the rankings. Google appreciates it if you connect with your customers by responding to reviews. Positive reviews can increase the findability of your site and can attract new customers. Also respond to negative reviews, this shows the level of service that can be expected.

Do you need extra advice? do not hesitate to contact us. We would gladly help you!