The value of Link Building

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8 July 2020

What is it?

Link building is actively searching and gathering of back links to your website. Back links are links from other websites that link to your own website. A  link building strategy can help with search engine optimisation to get higher in the search results. You can think of homepages, blogs or other websites that link to your website. The developments in search engine optimisation require marketeers to take a different approach.

The Penguin update

Since 2012, Google algorithm has changed significantly. Links to a website used to have a large impact on a website’s ranking. Google based the popularity of a website on the number of websites that linked to it. After the ‘pinguin update’, the search engine is capable of judging the quality and relevance of links between websites. To rank higher in Google you will need to focus on sites that are able to give you a high-quality and relevant link to your website. The site that places the link has to actually help their visitor to the link. A back link package often contains links from websites located in different countries or from countries that do not operate in your market. 

Anchor text

The text that is connected to a link, is called the anchor text. They are often recognized by their underlining or the different color compared to the rest of the text. This clickable text is becoming more important. ‘Click here’ could often be seen in the past but now it is more valuable to use relevant keywords.

Effect van linkbuilding

The correlation between link building and the Google ranking is evident. A study into (among others) the value of external links and anchor texts by Matthew Barby showed that the the number 1 result has 5.42 percent external back links. The anchor text is similar to the main keyword of the respective page.

The more links there are to your website, the better. The graph below visualizes this.

Backlinks-vs-Positie visual

On average, 37 links are neccesary to rank in the top 10 of Google.

Outsource Linkbuilding

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